Personal horoscope

At the time and date of your birth, the celestial objects were in a unique position which characterize your personality. Below you can see the meanings of planets, Moon and Ascendant and their positions.


11°21' l (k)

Your Sun sign is Pisces

A The Sun: Characterizes temperament, identity and the way others perceive you, it is your source of energy

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This sign of Zodiac is associated with planet Jupiter and Neptune. People born under this sign, are often indecisive and it's very important to take care of them consistently during their childhood. They are friendly, extremely sensitive and generous. They have high ambitions and well developed sense of justice. As they have very good fantasy they live mostly in their dream world. They are interested in everything which can sometimes bother other people. They are very energetic which can lead other people misunderstand that they are nervous and inattentive.

One of their vices is lack of resolution and occasional depression. Sometimes, they are ambivalent which causes their later failures. They can't control their feelings, they are unsure of themselves and if the result isn't according to their wish, they succumb to restlessness. They see things with scepticism and they aren't usually satisfied with the result. Their versatility is sometimes the reason of their defeat because it's not possible for them to do what they want which causes inferiority complex. These people are usually misunderstood and unappreciated.

Friendships are so important to them that they would lay down their lives for their friends. If they could they would solve all troubles and soothe pain of their friends. The problems of their friends become their own worries. In marriage, they are not easily satisfied and so they're not reliable.

They are reliable and good employees if they are well understood and encouraged. They need calm employment full of securities. They love beautiful and interesting things, and are good at art professions.

16°04' h (g)

Moon in Scorpio

B The Moon: Characterizes heart, soul, inner self. We become shy and sensitive under Moons influence.

The emplacement of the Moon in Scorpio makes people be very emotional in every aspect of their life, including the way they express themselves, what they do and who they’re seeing. You feel safe when being around somebody who you trust and feel comfortable with to express yourself honestly without repressing your feelings. On the contrary, if you don’t feel safe, you tend to be introverted.

Under pressure, you have a problem getting rid of doubts and feeling uncomfortable. You become exaggeratedly jealous and even vengeful when you feel threatened. In critical situations, you may even get addicted.

10°25' d (c)

Ascendant in Cancer

K Ascendant: characterizes our starting energy,  view of the world and our opinions

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13°12' l (k)

Mercury in Pisces

C Mercury: characterizes our intellect and ability to express ourselves; influence relationships and personal development.

A usual sign of Mercury being in Pisces might be a weak sense of direction. Hence, such person has no problem to get lost in a place he knows perfectly. An over-sensitive connection between Pisces and Mercury may lead to misunderstanding or twisting facts.

On the other hand, such individuals are usually sympathetic and have an ability to recognize other people’s thoughts and reflect them.

17°04' k (j)

Venus in Aquarius

D Venus: is related to our feelings, symbolizes love and relationships

People with Venus in Aquarius are usually very positive. The beauties of nature can make them as happy as hanging around with their friends. In this regard, they are very humble. You enjoy spending time with your friends, but when it comes to relationships, you are much colder. You are more attracted to the inner beauty than to the appearance.

13°16' k (j)

Mars in Aquarius

E Mars: characterizes our strength (physical and mental), also sex life, health and sports

The emplacement of Mars in Aquarius is very energetic. You put the most effort in protecting your own originality and the fact that you’re unique and different from others. Therefore, there’s no wonder you feel threatened when meeting people with similar tendencies. Speaking of intimate life, you are willing to experiment. You also don’t have trouble speaking about sex openly.

11°23' b (a)

Jupiter in Taurus

F Jupiter: It is a symbol of development and inventing, but in a negative way risky business and gambling

The location of Jupiter in Taurus often indicates a person who is very successful, both financially and materially. In some cases, it may also attract wealth and fortune. In a negative way, such position may also bring meanness, avarice or self-satisfaction. You value the nature and the gifts you may obtain from it. Thus, you are able to acknowledge life and are rather pragmatic.

9°58' l (k)

Saturn in Pisces

G Saturn: It usually goes along with obstacles and restrictions; you becomes serious and reclusive

Saturn in Pisces is located with minor boundaries. Such people frequently have problems with self- discipline. You have a tendency to adjust the rules as you need or you avoid to them completely. We cannot expect an interest in the area of life where discipline and responsibility are essential. On the other hand, this placement may affect you in the area of art, music or acting.

19°35' b (a)

Uranus in Taurus

H Uranus: symbol of technical progress and new ideas

This emplacement - Uranus in Taurus - can be a very stubborn and dedicated but also, practically speaking, a very innovative and progressive combination. Economic and financial security is a major priority to tyou. Furthermore, a desire for material basis, in forms of land or owning a home, is appearing together with impatience until it’s obtained.

26°45' l (l)

Neptune in Pisces

I Neptune: symbol of leaving our own ego, problems with identity

In this position, that is Neptune in Pisces, the planet is located firmly in its own sign, which brings a large amount of spirituality. Hence, you will be religious and simultaneously sympathetic and charitable. However, problems with your own identity may appear through this placement. It is an ideal location for music, dance, painting or similar talents.

0°54' k (j)

Pluto in Aquarius

J Pluto: is associated with crucial subjects, death, survival, prohibition, justice, usually long-term