Scorpio august Horoscope 2023

Observant fighter, foresighted and empathetic to the others

August will bring a portion of stubbornness and drive to Scorpios. You will achieve whatever you set as your goal this month. However, you will have a tendency to have no regard for others and have no boundaries, which might be problematic, especially at work. Maybe your colleagues will look at you with some hostility in their eyes, but that could be because they will envy your drive and success. If you do not adapt to them, you need to be aware that they might stop regarding you as a part of their group. So try to consider your priorities and adjust your actions to them in advance.

Scorpios will be desirous, and they will follow their goals and ideals in August. You will not be able to relax until you achieve what you want, and you will be capable of overcoming any obstacle that might appear in your way.
Complications may occur in ​​relationships, as you will experience emotions more intensely. Feelings of frustration could then cause you to be too critical, and on the contrary, your affection could be completely unreasonable. Be careful and let someone trustworthy help you.

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The Sun in Leo
Jul 23.03:40 - Aug 23.10:50
Jul 23.
The Sun in Virgo
Aug 23.11:50 - Sep 23.08:38
Aug 23.

This period will give you a great amount of creative power and also leading abilities. It will not be a problem for you to take more responsibility, be a leader or give orders. You will feel very well in this position and you will look the same to others. You might also feel a need for wealth, both material and spiritual. In any case, this all drives you forward to reach your dreams.

You will not be able to resist nervousness in this span. You might feel a little slower, more insecure and the others may notice it. You will try to be tidy and systematic while working, more than ever, due to fear of potential obstacles and trying to avoid them. You can self-realize in this period by working manually. Your skilful hands will relieve you.

Venus in Leo
Jun 5.15:46 - Oct 9.03:01
Jun 5.

During this time, people tend to act more theatrically than usual, especially when it comes to love and relationships. You will enjoy attention of the opposite sex because it’s stimulating your ego. Your love can be very honest and romantic, during this period, especially when you fall in love with someone who admires you. On the other hand, a breakup can be a tough experience now.

Mercury in Virgo
Jul 28.23:20 - Oct 5.01:56
Jul 28.

You will be successful when dealing with problems in this span. Since you will be able to analyze everything precisely and get the point quickly. It is a great span for all kinds of experts. Moreover, your conversations might be often about health. As your interest in this area will be intense.

Mars in Virgo
Jul 10.13:16 - Aug 27.14:56
Jul 10.
Mars in Libra
Aug 27.15:56 - Oct 12.05:40
Aug 27.

During this time, it’s certainly convenient to put your energy into work since your feelings are numb. Issues related to relationships may seem ridiculous and not interesting to you. Your job will truly fulfill you, although, if someone tries to inhibit your performance which puts you under pressure, you might criticize a lot and then get fussy.

During this time, you can expect being rational and cold. There won’t be any anger, passion or excitement inside you. The only thing that you could be unsettled by is sense of injustice - in this case, you will be willing to fight for the right thing with no hesitation. Your objective and thorough attitude is certainly useful when it comes to career.