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Gemini Horoscope

Comunicative and polite character with sence of humor and creativity

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september 2020  |  october 2020

Daily horoscope - Gemini

Unconsciously you will visit your memories and find out how much your present life is different. But don’t get too nostalgic. The past won’t come back, so live in present, after all, you can reshape it as you like it.

You would like to take some rest, but vacation is not an option right now. You would have to stay and fight for a while longer.

Don’t forget your friends. Pay attention to them. Meet a friend for example for a coffee.

You have to take care of your skin at any age. With enough sleep and hydration and you will look fresh.

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Gemini Characteristic:

People born under the sign of Gemini are very interested in learning new things, that's why they seem to have general knowledge even if most of it is superficial. They love to discover and if they find something deserving of notice they pay attention to it. They see meanings even where the others don't. Neither aversion nor negative comments of other people can discourage their desire for investigation and exploration. Gemini listens to others' objections just to form their own opinion. Others' opinions aren't in essence important for them, which is why they don't impose their own ideas on anybody. They can sometimes seem as phlegmatic people but inside they live out sometimes in terrible stress.

They suffer a lot from loneliness because, they have feeling that everything is slipping through their fingers. However, they relate very easily and naturally to new people. They have a great memory for experiences and impressions. They're very dangerous opponents because of their dialectic capabilities, great memory and cold feelings. Most important for them is the freedom of movement and action which they provide to others too. They give up in hopeless moments when it's obvious who the winner is.

Gemini excels at war of word, but they try to avoid other kinds of fight. They're not ashamed of creaming off the best for themselves as well as of slanders and dishonest behaviour.

The vice of Gemini is immaturity and restlessness because they are unsure of themselves and they change their mind very often. They aren't able to convince the others, but just comment on a situation. Due to this the others have to listen to them and to try to understand them. They suffer from big ups and downs in their life: they reach the best results during good constellation of stars. On the contrary, during bad constellation of stars they succumb to inferiority complex.

In relationships, Gemini is relatively a bad partner because their feelings aren't deep. They often have several relationships at the same time, that's why they are very tolerant. They need a lot of space and freedom which they provide also to their partner.

As for career, we can observe the consequences of their instability and superficiality. This is the reason they're not into any profession which require too much effort and concentration.