Horoscope tomorrow - Gemini

There are times when you can choose suitors, but these days you aren’t so lucky. Don’t despair, rather pay attention to your friends or yourself. Sort out your thoughts and a rest from the opposite gender will also come in handy.

You will set the relaxing mood at home if you leave problem from the school or employment aside. Pay attention to more pleasant things.

Word “creativity” doesn’t tell you much these days. You had better days, but don’t get upset.

You should try to strengthen your immunity. These days you are vulnerable. But don’t rely on artificial products.

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Moon in Pisces
Oct 6.14:47 - Oct 8.17:58
Oct 6.

You can expect energy in the area of imagination which will operate at full blast these days. Therefore, your wit may sometimes lose its power - at the expense of emotions. You are also more empathetic than ever. You will not have problems empathize with a wide range of people. However, the disadvantage certainly is that you often forget about your own dilemmas and issues...