Horoscope tomorrow - Gemini

You probably won’t be in the mood to deal with unpleasant people. But remember that it is not a good idea to get provoked. Rather stay with your thoughts and overcome the situation with silence. This is the only way to avoid inconveniences.

In your thoughts there is no one besides your counterpart. But do not get blinded and act too interfering.

Try to spend more time outside in the nature rather than at home watching TV or staring into computer.

Listen to your digestion. You know that it is not good when you overeat or eat in hurry.

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Moon in Cancer
May 25.01:08 - May 27.08:33
May 25.
Moon in Leo
May 27.09:33 - May 29.13:41
May 27.

You will be more sensitive than usual, during the days of the Moon in Cancer. The current energy is aimed at family and home - that’s where you feel the most comfortable. You can contribute to developing a pleasant feel which has a positive impact on other relatives too...

There’s this energy that supports value making and building which you will be proud of later on and others will appreciate you for. These days are ideal for social events or dates...