Sagittarius Horoscope 2022

The year 2022 will be significant for Sagittarius in the field of relations. Someone from the past will try to get back into your life, and you will have to face the decision of whether they deserve your trust. Sagittarius is endowed with a great deal of optimism, which can lead to naivety. You automatically assume that others are as ruthless as you are, but be careful in this case.

January will be a month of change. From the previous year, you will bring with you some unresolved issues, to which you will have to go back and discover the real core of the problem. Only then will you have a clear head and be able to concentrate on new events fully.

There will be a tense situation in the field of work. Jupiter, in the sign of Pisces, will act on your heart. Your thoughts will turn to career considerations. You will be thoughtful, and some views may be reconsidered. In particular, you stop solving things that kept you crazy all the time; you simply get an overview. It will be essential to overcome the fear of the unknown, just move on.

Spring 2022 will be experienced by Sagittarius very intensely. You will have to prove great psychic strength. In relationships, fate has prepared a difficult test for you. Someone who once had a place in your heart will appear near you, but your paths have parted. You will have mixed feelings, and you may feel confused and insecure. The person in question from your past will try in every possible way to regain your favor. Be careful and prudent. The Sagittarius tends to throw himself into things head-on, but it could work out for him in this case.

When it comes to health, be careful with sports activities. You tend to be hasty and like to do things on your head, but your inattention could have unfortunate consequences. Avoid extreme sports and choose a safer alternative.

The horoscope says that you will spend the winter months actively. Maybe you will go to the mountains, go skiing, or on the contrary you will go to warm countries and escape the stereotype of everyday life. In any case, you will experience a satisfying period, which you genuinely deserve after overcoming all the difficulties of 2022.