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Taurus Horoscope

Strong and stubborn, but practical and resolute

Horoscope 2023

june 2023  |  july 2023

Daily horoscope - Taurus

Use your abilities one hundred percent. You shouldn’t mess around; put your best effort to everything you do. Great thinks will happen now according the stars. Go meet your luck.

Turn off your cell-phone and enjoy undisturbed intimate moments with your partner. You need it.

It is definitely not worth it helping somebody, who doesn’t want it. You can use your energy in much better ways.

Your health can be vulnerable now; don’t expose yourself to harmful influences.

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Taurus Characteristic:

Taurus is associated with the planet Venus, which is characterized by her beauty and freshness. Taureans are mostly materialistic characters who try to find serviceability in everything. However, they're very sensitive and they succumb very often to their feelings. Persistence with which they go after their goals is very typical for them. People of this earth sign were born in the spring and that's why they love nature and art where they can satisfy their curiosity and desire for experiences. They devote their entire energies just to the experiences. At first sight Taureans seem to be a little bit withdrawn and not at all approachable, but they are able to enjoy life very intensively.

Because of well-developed sense of reality they are sometimes very mistrustful of new things. They are principled and if they have some dream they are ready to devote entire energies to make it real. It's related to their other quality, purposefulness. Taurus people are very honest and ambitious, they try to win in every competition. They are obedient and they have a great sense of humour. They suffer from edacity which leads very often to their hulking figure.

The vice of Taurus can be related to their sense of honesty. It's easy to insult them and because of their consistency it is almost impossible to change their opinion or get forgiveness from them. Their desire for calm and comfort can border on laziness. However, the worst vice and in the same time the worst danger is their stubbornness caused by their sense of purpose and ambitiousness. Sometimes, they're so much into their ideas and plans that they refuse all arguments and objections no matter how important they are and so they act sometimes callously and unfeelingly.

As for career, Taureans don't have any problem because they are very diligent and motivated by earning money. Their sense of purpose and effort to be the best ensures them high salary. So they choose the professions where they can take advantage of their stubbornness, persistence and personal abilities. They like working in a calm environment and they prefer activities without excessive mental or physical movements.

In relationships, Taureans appreciates loving care and they like to accept compliments. You can always count on them even if there is a risk of infidelity due to their sensuality. They get usually married very unexpectedly. They need to rely on their close friends and to have stable family background.