Zodiac structure

You can find dates of particular zodiac signs in the table. There are current dates which can vary each year and real dates based on the position of the stars (explained below).

Each sign belongs to one of the four elements and of the three qualities which gives us 12 unique combinations - zodiac signs.

We classify all the signs according to elements, qualities and polarities. Especially the merges of elements and qualities are essential for the formation of 12 unique combinations out of which the characteristics of each sign come from and can be considered as the building blocks for the horoscope.


Astrology works with symbolism of four different elements. They are found everywhere around us and they are: fire, water, air and earth. All of us bear those elements inside of us; however we identify ourselves only with one or two of them. Hence, the others remain suppressed. Concerning horoscopes, we may imagine elements as a flow and transformation of energy in each sign of the zodiac.

fire ( a Aries e Leo i Sagittarius )

The fire element is very energetic, warms us and drives us forward. On the other hand, it has various destructive effects – it burns the unnecessary and thus leaves a desert. The main attributes of such individuals are passion and desire to have an adventurous life.

It could be said that the fire exhibition is rather physical. Such people tend to be warm, honest and are not afraid of physical contact (a hug etc.) as other people. Generally speaking, this element has a male nature, although it cannot be said that women with the fire element are not feminine enough. Contrarily, they are usually passionate lovers.

Some of the positive attributes of the fire element are definitely strength, activity, endeavor, determination and courage. Nonetheless, some of the negative attributes could be hot temper, quarrelsomeness, jealousy and a tendency to overeat.

earth ( b Taurus f Virgo j Capricorn )

The earth element is very perceptive. Some of the main features of these people are practicality, stability and a great intellectual potential. Symbolism is obvious. Such people keep their feet on the ground. They are realistic, sometimes even conservative but what is most important, they are reliable. Thus, they are great friends. They are mostly inconspicuous and quiet individuals. Reversely, they are very perceptive when it comes to details.

The only thing which is missing in this element is fantasy and intuition. Therefore, it is not easy for them to spend their time only with their own thoughts and it could be said that they are not able to enjoy all the aspects of life. They are sociable since other people are the thing which enriches them. The water element brings security and material possessions. Such people are usually materialistic. Moreover, in their effort to do something they also think about the welfare of others, especially their family.

air ( c Gemini g Libra k Aquarius )

The air element can be characterized as active, curious, communicative, on one hand very adaptable and elastic, but on the other hand restless and unstable. Hence, these individuals are versatile.

These individuals are often interested in various areas as they are enthusiastic about anything new and remarkable quite quickly. Stamina is not their strong point then. It happens very often that they leave their work undone due to lack of motivation or due to the fact that they find something more interesting to do.

Problems may occur if it comes to expressing their feelings. Such individuals tend to be reclusive, introverted and they do not want to show their vulnerability. However, if they are forced to express themselves, they are rather hot-headed and insecure. Regarding their nature, they are reckless.

water ( d Cancer h Scorpio l Pisces )

Even though it may not seem, water element is rather connected with shy, introvert, reclusive and peaceful people. The main features of such individuals are emotions and feelings. Therefore, it could be said that without water there would be a lack of love and relationships would stop working.

Generally, water has rather feminine characteristics – thanks to its softness and empathy. However, it does not mean that a man in the water element is not manly enough. His advantages are passion, deep thinking and fantasy, which his partner may find very interesting.

Sensitivity of the water element might look both positive and negative. With regards to positivity, these people are unselfish, trusting, adaptable and great lovers. They always respect others and are warm. On the other hand, it happens that in fear of hurting somebody they lie.


Concerning horoscope, there are three qualities: basic, firm and adaptable. We may use them if we want to state arrangement of power and energy which affects the main traits of one’s character. We could compare this energy with the energy of elements, each sign or planet, which have impact on us as well. Every single quality contains one sign of the four elements. Qualities tell us how we perceive and behave in conflicts.

basic ( a Aries d Cancer g Libra j Capricorn )

The basic quality, along with the basic signs, definitely indicates strong, independent and ambitious individuals. The nature of such people never lets them be calm. As they have to move all the time or be doing some activity.

People born with this quality value the state of presence the most. Thus, their effort is connected with the presence. They believe that the past is the past and we cannot change it and hence, it is not important.

Such individuals may try to reach their goals with no doubts and frequently recklessly. These people simply act and do not wait for somebody to tell them what to do. Therefore, they assert themselves and are great leaders. They are not afraid to be responsible for something. In addition to that, they are able to bring a constructive initiative. In extreme situations, they might be rash and their deeds may have no result.

firm ( b Taurus e Leo h Scorpio k Aquarius )

The firm quality is usually possessed by a person who has a tendency to obey rules. Even though this person may not be courageous enough, he is relentless and determined. He has a strong will and resists all the outside negative influences.

Thus, it could be said that this quality has a strong inner power. However, it is rather impulsive as such people are not patient enough. The patience is also missing if these people are forced to do radical changes. They prefer to prevent these situations.

One of the most significant things for these people are their values and ideals, which they can hardly ever give up on. They are scrupulous, sometimes even stubborn and in extreme situations they might not be willing to make a deal and back away. This nature simply cannot be submitted. In their stubbornness they might be obstinate and obdurate. It is not that easy to get on well with them at times.

adaptable ( c Gemini f Virgo i Sagittarius l Pisces )

The adaptable quality refers to flexibility, elasticity and variability of an individual. Such person has no problems to do several things simultaneously; however it may lead to an inability to concentrate on one single thing.

People with the adaptable quality have no problems with adjusting themselves to every situation. They react quickly with ease and are empathic since they also try to be popular. Hence, we could say that other people’s opinions and the people themselves are more important for them than their own ideals.

Another ability, which these people are good at, is their natural ability to improvise. Both in their personal lives as well as their career. Therefore, they have a great projection to become a recognized actor or an actress. They also fit in jobs where operative decision making is required.


There are two types of polarity which we differentiate in a horoscope, these are: male (positive, light polarity, so called Yang) and female (negative, dark polarity, Yin). Generally, it cannot be said that each sign would correspond just male or female, but they are rather energetically attracted anti-poles.

male ( a Aries c Gemini e Leo g Libra i Sagittarius k Aquarius )

A sign of male polarity, usually perceived as light and positive, has an ordinarily active and extrovert nature. Generally speaking, it could be said that such individuals would be rather dominant in society.

The male polarity may display courage, boldness and an entrepreneurial spirit. No wonder they are willing to be in leading positions, they are not afraid of responsibility or consequences. They believe in their abilities absolutely. Nevertheless, in extreme situations, exaggerated self-confidence may lead to feeling of superiority and egoism.

female ( b Taurus d Cancer f Virgo h Scorpio j Capricorn l Pisces )

The sign of female polarity is perceived as negative, dark, nocturnal and we can characterize it as more sensitive, mental and introverted. In society, they tend to blend in with the crowd as observers.

The female polarity is based on emotions. Thus, they experience all of situations more emotionally. Thanks to that, such individuals are reflective, so that they may seem a bit introverted or reclusive for others. They usually fear obstacles and responsibility. That is why they tend to blend in into background.