Horoscope tomorrow - Taurus

Define the boundaries in your relationship, what is okay and what is not. This way you can prevent many future embarrassing situations or problem, even though this conversation won’t be a pleasant one.

You will realize that love is not just about physical attraction. Feelings and emotions are important too.

Now is not a good time for investments. You might get a knock.

It is time to sort out unused clothes, if your closet is really full. Don’t be merciful.

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Moon in Taurus
Jun 23.13:59 - Jun 26.01:14
Jun 23.
Moon in Gemini
Jun 26.02:14 - Jun 28.13:52
Jun 26.

There are tense energies when the Moon is in Taurus. We like the things just the way they are right now. People who are trying to make a change (even a positive one) or have innovative opinions make us anxious...

During these days, we are under the influence of the energy that makes us want to be around others. You will be fond of communicating, but listening too. You are often able to understand and meet the needs of people around you very quickly. These traits are always welcomed, so you can be looking forward to being popular in a group...