Uranus in Aries

Uranus: symbol of technical progress and new ideas

Aries: People born under the flaming sign Aries are distinguished by their internal and...

We generally expect radical changes from people with Uranus in Aries. You desire for new sources of passion, everything undiscovered and new. You can invent something all by your own which will exceed the greatness of your times. You won’t let anything put you down. You are going to be yourselve even in situations require quick decision making and independent way of thinking. You are able to give your best even under pressure.

You can fully embrace the huge amount of energy that you feel during this period. When it comes to career, your originality could contribute to more than one successful project completion. The tendency to obstinately promote your ideas is certainly a good thing during this time. Your energy and sense of humor may come in handy, for example, in relationships, no matter if they are work-related or personal.