Except the current dates there are also astronomical ones included in the table, see dates in astrology

8s43' A The Sun in Libra g 22°26' (f)
13n07' B Moon in Taurus b 17°25' (a)
19s18' C Mercury in Scorpio h 16°35' (g)
14s12' D Venus in Scorpio h 9°11' (f)
2s12' E Mars in Libra g 7°42' (f)
22s52' F Jupiter in Sagittarius i 20°30' (⛎)
22s29' G Saturn in Capricorn j 14°32' (i)
12n44' H Uranus in Taurus b 5°06' (a)
6s20' I Neptune in Pisces l 16°24' (k)
22s25' J Pluto in Capricorn j 20°24' (i)
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