Mars in Leo

Mars: characterizes our strength (physical and mental), also sex life, health and sports

Leo: This flaming sign is associated to Sun. It gives to Lions a lot of creative ener...

We often associate Mars in Leo with gallantry, or even chivalry, and battle for your own honor. You feel superior towards others and if you’re not respected enough, you get furious easily. When stressed, you tend to deceive and pretend just in order to escape the inconvenient fate. Speaking of sex, you are attracted to creative partners. You hate stereotype and boredom.

This period provides plenty of physical energy, but strong mental health as well. You can deal with everyday problems easily. However, the need to be admired comes along with your skills - in this case, you have to pay close attention because a conflict might occur. Your confidence is convenient, but unfortunately, it can turn out to be egoism.