Venus in Taurus

Venus: is related to our feelings, symbolizes love and relationships

Taurus: Taurus is associated with the planet Venus, which is characterized by her beauty...

The emplacement of Venus in Taurus - its own sign - is very strong and confident and so are the individuals under its influence. They are certain about their decisions and experience the joy of life. Surviving is not your thing, you want to live a full life - enjoy delicious meals and nights full of passion, for instance. You often have a strongly developed sense of touch and visual beauty.

This time will seem very intense to you. Your senses will be literally on the alert, so you’ll experience every moment deeply, especially when it comes to relationships and love in general, although, it’s applicable to cultural events like theatre or arts in general. You tend to demand too much from people around you and that feels natural to you, although, it might backfire on you. You’d better decide carefully.