The Moon

Characterizes heart, soul, inner self. We become shy and sensitive under Moons influence.

The Moon

The Moon primarily affects our heart and soul. In astrology, the Moon is believed to be a mirror or the opposite of the Sun which on the contrary represents our outside or ego. This is considered to be the most important symbolism in terms of the horoscope. On daily basis, our metabolism is significantly affected by the Moon because it’s close to the Earth which can be followed in a lunar calendar.

The Moon is a symbol for mother or woman - therefore, it is spoken about in a feminine way in myths or fairytales. It also symbolizes fertility and conception. It embodies the desire to understand what is happening inside of us and our innermost feelings. It also makes us pay attention to our emotions only. It represents our natural instincts and protects us at the same time. It can also reveal a lot about what we need (not what we want).

If the Moon is strongly enforced, one is rather shy and sensitive - introverted and concentrated mostly on their feelings and fantasy. This is related to the way the Moon is being interpreted in psychological terms. Here, it represents our childhood - some kind of formulas which are coded in the depth of our souls.

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