Moon in Gemini

The Moon: Characterizes heart, soul, inner self. We become shy and sensitive under Moons influence.

Gemini: People born under the sign of Gemini are very interested in learning new things,...

Those with the Moon in Gemini happen to be moody. This sign itself is uneasy, flexible and can be way too easily influenced. They are often interested in others’ opinion of them. However, too much detailed information like that can lead to inner problems.

On the other side, you are a bright and cheerful person with the ability of orientation and fast responding when the rules are changing. You are often capable of looking at the situation from many points of view, even the new and unexpected ones, and thus precisely reflect the reality. Also, your sight and touch are very well coordinated, which can be useful in journalism, for instance.

During these days, we are under the influence of the energy that makes us want to be around others. You will be fond of communicating, but listening too. You are often able to understand and meet the needs of people around you very quickly. These traits are always welcomed, so you can be looking forward to being popular in a group.

When being in stressful situations, we tend to act indecisively and are incapable of meeting our obligations, under the influence of the Moon. One might feel like they couldn’t get rid of the inner discomfort. It feels like your soul and the outside world were in a battle for superiority.