Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn: It usually goes along with obstacles and restrictions; you becomes serious and reclusive

Aquarius: This sign of Zodiac is associated with planet Saturn and Uranus, that's why peop...

The position of Saturn in Aquarius displays the most in the attitude to other people. You are responsible, despite your distrust in case of social enquiries. You follow the etiquette and behave politely. It might be one of the factors why these people are so splendid at work where their attitude is essential. It is easy for them to get on well with authorities and employers.

The effect of this period is often connected with displeasure, disability to tolerate or accept things or people that differ from the standard. Probably, you will feel fear that you do not fit a group or that you are a stranger. Distrust may occur as well. Especially with a reference to people who are hearty or optimistic. However, it will have a positive impact on your social responsibility.