Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter: It is a symbol of development and inventing, but in a negative way risky business and gambling

Taurus: Taurus is associated with the planet Venus, which is characterized by her beauty...

The location of Jupiter in Taurus often indicates a person who is very successful, both financially and materially. In some cases, it may also attract wealth and fortune. In a negative way, such position may also bring meanness, avarice or self-satisfaction. You value the nature and the gifts you may obtain from it. Thus, you are able to acknowledge life and are rather pragmatic.

In this period, thanks to the patience and stability that will be mediated by the position of Jupiter in Taurus, you will do well in any business, and in anything regarding finance. With your perspective, you will be able to follow all unfinished matters through. You won’t like people that will try to hinder your progress.