Ascendant in Cancer

Ascendant: characterizes our starting energy,  view of the world and our opinions

Cancer: This water sign is associated to Moon. People born under this sign, are very sen...

Individuals with ascendant in Cancer are good caregivers because people feel safe when around them. They have the ability to lighten up the mood and make any place comfortable and harmonious because then they enjoy being there too which is reflected on their behavior. They can also be very devoted when it comes to relationships, work or their hobbies. However, in extreme and negative cases, these deep feelings may turn out to be an addiction, following emotional unsteadiness. Mood swings are common too.

If anything louses up your plans or threatens your safety, you tend to react very intensely.

You are often willing to sacrifice more for others than they would for you. This kind of misbalance is generally very unhealthy, although you seem like you can’t help yourself out. You often put yourself in the position of a martyr or a scapegoat.