Horoscope 2024

All zodiac signs will experience shifts and new perspectives on life in the new year. With consistent effort, the horoscope for 2024 predicts success in both work and money, as well as a positive outlook on romantic relationships.

The influence of Mars in Sagittarius will ensure the beginning of the year is optimistic, full of freedom, and adventurous. The motivation and energy boost will help you to work on the goals which you have set. Nonetheless, fire signs should be cautious, because they can become distracted and deviate from their plans.

As energy stabilizes, the first half of the year will be perfect for business, work, and study. You will gradually work on all your goals and feel steady progress. Earth signs, who are naturally practical and patient, will take a pragmatic attitude, meanwhile water signs can expect excellent results. Wealth and enjoyment will mark this period.

In the middle of summer, with Saturn’s move, you will feel the weight of your obligations. Having to make important decisions or taking on additional tasks will be stressful. Air signs might feel exhausted and anxious if they don’t take a break. Therefore, it’s best to slow down and dedicate time for both yourself and your family.

Jupiter turns retrograde in the autumn, which will be especially difficult for Leo and Aquarius - who will not see the fruits of their labour and could become depressed. This tension, however, will help them change their lives for the better. On the other hand, fortune favours earth signs, and doorways of opportunities will open before their eyes.

Mars will have an impact at the end of the year, but this time on Cancer, causing the desire to build family values. The gentleness of the sign and the energy of the fiery planet will lead to increased sensitivity. You will spend time with your loved ones and the depth of your feelings will fill your spirit.

Jupiter in Taurus
May 16. 2023 - May 26. 2024
May 16.
Jupiter in Gemini
May 26. 2024 - Jun 9. 2025
May 26.

In this period, thanks to the patience and stability that will be mediated by the position of Jupiter in Taurus, you will do well in any business, and in anything regarding finance. With your perspective, you will be able to follow all unfinished matters through. You won’t like people that will try to hinder your progress.

In this period, you will be very busy; there are a lot of roads towards discovery, interviews and discussions ahead. You will be attracted to new experiences as well, for example, in foreign countries. This period is suitable for creative activities. The disadvantage of this desire for information, brought by the influence of Jupiter, might lie in doubt about religion that we are trying to explain too logically.

Saturn in Pisces
Mar 7. 2023 - May 25. 2025
Mar 7.
Uranus in Taurus
May 15. 2018 - Apr 26. 2026
May 15.

During this period, you can feel the desire to change everything routine. Whether it’s a tradition of the society or your own scale of values. You are creative and have a lot of amazing ideas so there’s no wonder that you can’t stand anything outdated. However, there’s also a threat of sudden shifts in relationships. You can be very implacable.

Neptune in Pisces
Feb 3. 2012 - Mar 30. 2025
Feb 3.

You are most likely to feel great mental strength in this period. If you think of something often and intensively enough and sometimes patiently, you will get what you want with no doubts. Due to your peaceful and charitable nature, you may get yourself into financial trouble, which can lead to existential problems eventually.