Personal horoscope

At the time and date of your birth, the celestial objects were in a unique position which characterize your personality. Below you can see the meanings of planets, Moon and Ascendant and their positions.


8°58' f (e)

Your Sun sign is Virgo

A The Sun: Characterizes temperament, identity and the way others perceive you, it is your source of energy

v Vir RA:11H47m Dec:6°26' Zaniah RA:12H21m Dec:0°-45' Porrima RA:12H42m Dec:-1°32' Auva RA:12H56m Dec:3°19' Vindemiatrix RA:13H3m Dec:10°52' Heze RA:13H36m Dec:0°-41' tau Vir RA:14H2m Dec:1°28' 109 Vir RA:14H47m Dec:1°50' Spica RA:13H26m Dec:-11°15' kappa Vir RA:14H14m Dec:-10°21' Syrma RA:14H17m Dec:-6°5' Rijl al Awwa RA:14H44m Dec:-5°44'

The sign Virgo is associated with planet Mercury. People born under this sign are critical, rational and practical people. They love precision and order in everything and they hate negligence and disorder. They perpetually desire to discover and know everything. They like to deal with unimportant details, that's why they don't see broader contexts and they're not able to be detached. However, they can very quickly distinguish the right things from the wrong ones. They love money for itself.

One of the vice of Virgos is lack of persistence because when they're afraid of too many obstacles. They suffer often from selfishness, in the beginning they seem to be modest, but in fact they know their value.

In relationships, they show a lot of interest in other people and they try to discover all their secrets, but they do it just from curiosity. People born under the sign of Virgo are very reserved and often without passion which can affect other people negatively.

As for career, they're not fully independent employees and businessmen, but they carry out their duties conscientiously. They are good employees because they can notice mistakes which others can't see. They want to try everything and it's important for them to do things as practically as possible. Sometimes, they believe that nobody else can carry out a task better than them. Virgos are good at intellectual work or work related to nature.

9°18' h (f)

Moon in Scorpio

B The Moon: Characterizes heart, soul, inner self. We become shy and sensitive under Moons influence.

The emplacement of the Moon in Scorpio makes people be very emotional in every aspect of their life, including the way they express themselves, what they do and who they’re seeing. You feel safe when being around somebody who you trust and feel comfortable with to express yourself honestly without repressing your feelings. On the contrary, if you don’t feel safe, you tend to be introverted.

Under pressure, you have a problem getting rid of doubts and feeling uncomfortable. You become exaggeratedly jealous and even vengeful when you feel threatened. In critical situations, you may even get addicted.

11°35' h (g)

Ascendant in Scorpio

K Ascendant: characterizes our starting energy,  view of the world and our opinions

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5°35' g (f)

Mercury in Libra

C Mercury: characterizes our intellect and ability to express ourselves; influence relationships and personal development.

The placement of Mercury in Libra gives people an ability to reflect others‘ opinions and thoughts. Thus, such people have a gift of soothing and reassuring.

Influenced by Mercury, people have a talent to express themselves precisely and tactfully. Therefore, they are convincing, but sometimes not totally honest.

25°22' e (e)

Venus in Leo

D Venus: is related to our feelings, symbolizes love and relationships

The emplacement of Venus in Leo usually makes people want to be adored. They hate to be ignored. In this case, they tend to do extravagant things just to get some attention.

6°47' c (b)

Mars in Gemini

E Mars: characterizes our strength (physical and mental), also sex life, health and sports

The typical trait of people with Mars in Gemini is high spiritual energy and wit. You can also be characterized by your confident behavior and the ability to promote yourself in any situation. You like to discuss and argue because you see it as a battle you must win.

6°49' a (l)

Jupiter in Aries

F Jupiter: It is a symbol of development and inventing, but in a negative way risky business and gambling

If the position of Jupiter in Aries is firm, an individual may attract plenty of problems; behave inappropriately or in an exaggerated way. This combination gives the individual self-confidence, enthusiasm and promotes a fighting spirit. Hence, these people risk that they have a burden they are not able to manage alone. Supported by the influence of Jupiter, they also attract finances and they are good at propagating and giving reasons.

20°36' k (j)

Saturn in Aquarius

G Saturn: It usually goes along with obstacles and restrictions; you becomes serious and reclusive

The position of Saturn in Aquarius displays the most in the attitude to other people. You are responsible, despite your distrust in case of social enquiries. You follow the etiquette and behave politely. It might be one of the factors why these people are so splendid at work where their attitude is essential. It is easy for them to get on well with authorities and employers.

18°53' b (a)

Uranus in Taurus

H Uranus: symbol of technical progress and new ideas

This emplacement - Uranus in Taurus - can be a very stubborn and dedicated but also, practically speaking, a very innovative and progressive combination. Economic and financial security is a major priority to tyou. Furthermore, a desire for material basis, in forms of land or owning a home, is appearing together with impatience until it’s obtained.

24°26' l (l)

Neptune in Pisces

I Neptune: symbol of leaving our own ego, problems with identity

In this position, that is Neptune in Pisces, the planet is located firmly in its own sign, which brings a large amount of spirituality. Hence, you will be religious and simultaneously sympathetic and charitable. However, problems with your own identity may appear through this placement. It is an ideal location for music, dance, painting or similar talents.

26°06' j (i)

Pluto in Capricorn

J Pluto: is associated with crucial subjects, death, survival, prohibition, justice, usually long-term