Horoscope 2019

You’re surely curious what Horoscope 2019 will bring to you. According to our team of astrologists with years of experience, you’ll accomplish multiple goals. Do you want to know what are the areas of your life where you’ll be reaching for the stars and where, on the other hand, you should look out? Will you finally have luck in love in 2019? And what about your health - will it remain good or are complications ahead of you? Our Horoscope will tell you this and much more.

Throughout the entire year, all individuals will be accompanied by great mental power and confidence. This huge advantage comes from the change of Jupiter’s emplacement - it will be entering the purposeful sign of Sagittarius. Therefore, we will be able to feel positive energy not only in our careers, while solving complicated issues, but also in interpersonal relationships, where this emplacement will provide us an advantage in communication and negotiation.

However, Saturn in Capricorn might hinder our progress in 2019. It brings uncertainty, so you’ll definitely not ruin anything if you stick to the established rules. On the other hand, Uranus will help us in terms of career, its influence is very strong here, so don’t be afraid to utilize it and promote your ideas. Don’t hesitate though - this positive emplacement will last only until March.

When it comes to love and relationships, the stars will be unpredictable this year. However, that doesn’t mean you should be afraid. Just the opposite. The Horoscope 2019 foretells a bunch of extraordinary experiences for both those who are single and those in a long-term relationship. You’ll feel like you’ve just fallen in love, you may refresh the potential lost intimacy between you and your partner and be passionate again.

In terms of health, the stars are stable, except for minor deviations. However, there are no serious health issues or injuries ahead. The horoscope will favor all athletes - whether professional or recreational. You’ll get a chance to set the bar higher once again.

If you want to find out more about what will come in 2019, head over to the horoscope section for particular Zodiac signs. It will prepare you for future events, so you will be able to take a step toward your happiness.

Jupiter in Sagittarius
Nov 8. 2018 - Dec 2. 2019
Nov 8.
Jupiter in Capricorn
Dec 2. 2019 - Dec 19. 2020
Dec 2.

In this period, you will act with your conviction advantageously. You will be self-confident, therefore you will have no problems while dealing with bigger issues. Thus, you will seem sophisticated and you should have no problems with convincing others. However, do not try to take advantage of that. Jupiter will not let your mind be calm.

When in Capricorn, Jupiter is a bit limited, that’s why in this period you’ll be very caring and careful. Instead of standing out of the crowd, you will submit to it. In your career, no significant progress will occur. On the other hand, your stubbornness gives you the energy to overcome all obstacles. These days you will appreciate the elements which you are building your life on.

Saturn in Capricorn
Dec 20. 2017 - Mar 22. 2020
Dec 20.

This period may bring worries about failure or refusal. You will be more comfortable with a subordinate position, especially in terms of job which brings a lot of responsibilities. You will feel calmer if you follow stated rules. The positive thing about this period is permanence and an ability to fight against adversity.

Uranus in Aries
Mar 12. 2011 - Mar 6. 2019
Mar 12.
Uranus in Taurus
Mar 6. 2019 - Jul 7. 2025
Mar 6.

You can fully embrace the huge amount of energy that you feel during this period. When it comes to career, your originality could contribute to more than one successful project completion. The tendency to obstinately promote your ideas is certainly a good thing during this time. Your energy and sense of humor may come in handy, for example, in relationships, no matter if they are work-related or personal.

During this period, you can feel the desire to change everything routine. Whether it’s a tradition of the society or your own scale of values. You are creative and have a lot of amazing ideas so there’s no wonder that you can’t stand anything outdated. However, there’s also a threat of sudden shifts in relationships. You can be very implacable.

Neptune in Pisces
Feb 3. 2012 - Mar 30. 2025
Feb 3.

You are most likely to feel great mental strength in this period. If you think of something often and intensively enough and sometimes patiently, you will get what you want with no doubts. Due to your peaceful and charitable nature, you may get yourself into financial trouble, which can lead to existential problems eventually.