Horoscope 2023

In the coming year of 2023, you can look forward to a lot of energy and strength that will help you with the long-awaited changes in your personal and career life. Thanks to the motivation that you will definitely not lack, you will constantly move forward.

You can expect that entering the new year will be transformational for you. Jupiter's position in Aries will strengthen your potential and ambition, and you will be able to achieve your goals. It applies especially to the fire signs.

In the first half of 2023, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, in particular, should be cautious as they may show some authoritarian tendencies and mistrust of the opinions of others. This could lead to confrontation with their loved ones or colleagues at work, which they might regret later. However, not trusting others does not necessarily mean a wrong thing and it could also strengthen your sense of responsibility, which can be pretty beneficial after all.

In terms of career, 2023 will be a great year! Especially for the earth signs whose already strong ambition and desire for financial security will intensify. As the position of Uranus suggests, you will be very creative and full of fresh ideas. Sometimes it will be even hard to believe.

In the second half of the year, many of us may experience remorse. During this period, you will not tolerate any kind of manipulation or persuasion. In these cases can particularly the fire signs feel strong resentment and may be prone to aggression. Water signs can feel very vulnerable, so they will feel safer behind their protective shield.

Mars in Sagittarius, at the end of the year, will return energy to your life. You will yearn for travelling, playing sports and meeting new people, among which you might find your soulmate.

Jupiter in Aries
Dec 20. 2022 - May 16. 2023
Dec 20.
Jupiter in Taurus
May 16. 2023 - May 26. 2024
May 16.

In this period, you will make full use of your leadership potential. The ones who are confident and are not afraid of standing out might even set trends, and therefore influence a lot of people in their surroundings. You won’t lack energy either, and when you learn to transfer it to others, there won’t be anything standing in your way. There is a disadvantage though - you might attract helpless people.

In this period, thanks to the patience and stability that will be mediated by the position of Jupiter in Taurus, you will do well in any business, and in anything regarding finance. With your perspective, you will be able to follow all unfinished matters through. You won’t like people that will try to hinder your progress.

Saturn in Aquarius
Dec 17. 2020 - Mar 7. 2023
Dec 17.
Saturn in Pisces
Mar 7. 2023 - May 25. 2025
Mar 7.

The effect of this period is often connected with displeasure, disability to tolerate or accept things or people that differ from the standard. Probably, you will feel fear that you do not fit a group or that you are a stranger. Distrust may occur as well. Especially with a reference to people who are hearty or optimistic. However, it will have a positive impact on your social responsibility.

Uranus in Taurus
May 15. 2018 - Apr 26. 2026
May 15.

During this period, you can feel the desire to change everything routine. Whether it’s a tradition of the society or your own scale of values. You are creative and have a lot of amazing ideas so there’s no wonder that you can’t stand anything outdated. However, there’s also a threat of sudden shifts in relationships. You can be very implacable.

Neptune in Pisces
Apr 4. 2011 - Mar 30. 2025
Apr 4.

You are most likely to feel great mental strength in this period. If you think of something often and intensively enough and sometimes patiently, you will get what you want with no doubts. Due to your peaceful and charitable nature, you may get yourself into financial trouble, which can lead to existential problems eventually.