Aquarius Horoscope 2023

Representatives of this air sign will be exposed to important changes in 2023, especially in their careers. Therefore, Horoscope 2023 advises Aquarius not to take these decisions lightly and recommends that they make the most of their strong point: prudence. On the contrary, it warns representatives of this sign against impulsive and free-spirited behaviour, which could cause considerable troubles.

At the beginning of the year, you will doubt your plans as your acquaintances will make pointed remarks about your decisions. But as the power of Saturn begins to manifest in the sign of Aquarius, you will intuitively go your own way, contrary to the opinions of others. Therefore, don’t be afraid to express your opinion or suggest changes at work. Even if you’re thinking about changing your job, this period encourages you to do it - but don’t forget to think about it carefully.

In the summer months, you will be engulfed in a strong concentration, and it will therefore be easier to achieve your goals. You will become completely independent so that relationships will step aside for a while. But be careful not to overdo it with that independence. You could let your beloved partner run away, who supports you in your decisions, but due to your busy schedule, you don’t have time for him, and he may feel neglected.

In the autumn, your emotional side will begin to awaken, and relationships will become a priority for you. There may be problems and minor quarrels with your partner, and you will have to overcome these obstacles. You may separate for a while, but it will benefit both of you, and eventually, you will be reconciled. Everything will be for your benefit, and as a result, it will take you both one step further.

Your sports and artistic performances will be better this year than ever before. So try to get a season ticket to the gym and also start attending a guitar or painting course, where you will satisfy your creative spirit.

The end of the year will be pleasant and relaxing. You managed to submit all your work on time so that you can focus on fun. Don’t forget to take vitamins and relax, as the dry weather is practically a breeding ground for germs.