Taurus Horoscope 2023

In 2023 Tauruses will chase mainly for money and new experiences. Their strong point will be perseverance and ambition, and therefore the horoscope 2023 recommends that you go straight for your goals and don’t let other people’s opinions bother you. However, because the representatives of this earth sign are prone to materialism, in the heat of the pursuit of money, they can easily get into situations where they can seem callous. This won’t go for relationships, and you can look forward to very strong and emotional experiences in this regard.

You will enter the new year full of verve and motivation. The strong need to plan things in detail well in advance will push you forward. You will definitely not lack a clear vision of your career and the desire to do the maximum for it - whether you have to attend special seminars or study hard at night.

Spring months will awaken a desire for travelling and getting to know new cultures. Your plan to connect the travelling experiences with making money will turn out well. Your friends will support you, or they’ll even fall for your plan, and they’ll come with you. During this period you’ll have a big appetite so watch your weight and don’t forget to exercise.

Due to the position of Venus, your senses will intensify, especially in the spring, and you’ll experience twice as much everything related to love relationships. You can look forward to deep conversations with your partner, and also beautiful moments together await you. However, at this time, you will place high demands on yourself and your partner, which can cause disagreements and quarrels, which will be accompanied by very strong emotions. If you don’t have a permanent partner, maybe at this time, your soulmate is waiting for you around the corner.

In the fall, you’ll get tired, and you’ll distance yourself from others. Immersion in reading books about self-development will be a good solution for this calm period. This is because certain changes in your current mindset will start. You can also exploit this period to sort old things out and create space in the closet for new ones.

In the winter, you will be overwhelmed by the responsibilities that have accumulated during the year, making you feel frustrated. But don’t get swallowed up by it; the world won’t fall apart if you don’t finish something. Do your best, but don’t overdo it. You better enjoy the company of your friends and family and relax.