Horoscope 2018

Along with the beginning of 2018, there is a new horoscope too. Our experienced team of astrologers put a lot of effort into it, thus we already know that this year will be rich in career achievements, as well as in terms of love and adventure. This year one might also expect family stability, moments of joy, but some twists too. But that’s just the way life is.

The influence of Neptune in Pisces, which will be felt throughout the whole year, promises great mental power. With the patience and persistency, it will be much easier for one to reach their goals. At work and in personal life too. According to the horoscope, the year 2018 will also bring original ideas, sense of humour and last but not least, peaceful approach when dealing with people. All these positive qualities can be put to use greatly in relationships, for instance.

Speaking of career, Uranus, when in Aries, will be helpful the most. Tendencies to promote your thoughts, fearlessness and persistency will help you when solving different problems. You will probably feel insecure under the burden of responsibility, but don’t worry, that happens to all of us. Due to the Jupiter’s influence, we can also expect substantial investment income. However, this planet may also bring us some downsides - you probably won’t be able to avoid inclination towards risk. That could not pay off well, especially if your financial resources and savings are in the game.

Anyway, a mere waiting for happiness to fall into your lap is not enough. Sometimes, it’s necessary to make the first move and take charge of your destiny. With our horoscope for 2018, you are in good hands. With peace and safety, it’ll guide you through the notional journey that this year represents.

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Jupiter in Scorpio
Oct 10. 2017 - Nov 8. 2018
Oct 10.
Jupiter in Sagittarius
Nov 8. 2018 - Dec 2. 2019
Nov 8.

In this period, you may expect a material profit from your investments, taxes or for example assurance. It may be dangerous if you risk your financial funds though. Affected by this position, your dark side may be revealed as well.

In this period, you will act with your conviction advantageously. You will be self-confident, therefore you will have no problems while dealing with bigger issues. Thus, you will seem sophisticated and you should have no problems with convincing others. However, do not try to take advantage of that. Jupiter will not let your mind be calm.

Saturn in Capricorn
Dec 20. 2017 - Mar 22. 2020
Dec 20.

This period may bring worries about failure or refusal. You will be more comfortable with a subordinate position, especially in terms of job which brings a lot of responsibilities. You will feel calmer if you follow stated rules. The positive thing about this period is permanence and an ability to fight against adversity.

Uranus in Aries
Mar 12. 2011 - Mar 6. 2019
Mar 12.

You can fully embrace the huge amount of energy that you feel during this period. When it comes to career, your originality could contribute to more than one successful project completion. The tendency to obstinately promote your ideas is certainly a good thing during this time. Your energy and sense of humor may come in handy, for example, in relationships, no matter if they are work-related or personal.

Neptune in Pisces
Apr 4. 2011 - Mar 30. 2025
Apr 4.

You are most likely to feel great mental strength in this period. If you think of something often and intensively enough and sometimes patiently, you will get what you want with no doubts. Due to your peaceful and charitable nature, you may get yourself into financial trouble, which can lead to existential problems eventually.