Taurus Horoscope 2019

Taurus is reigned by the planet of Venus. These individuals are usually materialistically-oriented, persistent and ambitious. They are curious people though, thus they long for experiences and are able to feel their emotions on a very deep level. According to the stars, Taurus’s Horoscope 2019 will be rather oriented toward the personal side of their life. The individuals’ desires will be finally fulfilled. But they won’t miss out on career either.

The emplacement of Mercury in Cancer will bring Taurus a huge desire for information and knowledge. You will also enjoy experimenting and trying new things. You will be glad to share your experiences. Therefore, in January of 2019, you will want to have a person on your side, who you can trust and talk to, in case of need.

For Taurus, this year’s spring will be career-oriented. You like to compete with others in all possible categories. The feeling that you’re better than others fulfills you this time. However, the horoscope advises you to be careful not to cross the tolerable line. People surrounding you might start to doubt. Is it still a joke or are you blinded by pride?

With the arrival of summer months of 2019, every Taurus will certainly feel the influence of Mercury which will be situated in Leo. During this time, you can expect a lot of physical energy which will be greatly utilized mainly by athletes - not only the top ones. It’s the perfect time to get in shape. The positive aura you will emit to your surroundings will bring potential partners. If you’re choosing, the horoscope recommends you to follow the heart, not the brain.

The autumn of 2019 will be more peaceful than previous months. You will experience harmonious relationships and friendships with no ulterior motives, but also tender love. As far as the work area of life is concerned, you now have a chance to make big changes if you want them. However, you may need to sacrifice a part of your leisure time. The result will be worth it though. But keep in mind that you should not overstress yourself, as it comes with health issues that probably won’t be avoided by Taurus.

As the year comes to an end, you’re reaching the finish line as well. You’ve been working hard for the whole year, now it’s time to harvest the fruits. According to the horoscope, Taurus can expect an intellectual period, when they will mainly focus on thinking, evaluating past events and self-developing. There might be some minor disagreements in family, but nothing serious. It’s enough to just talk about the problem openly.