Apr 17. 2017

New article: Houses in astrology

Read a new article - Houses in astrology! Each of the houses affects a different part of our lives. They are mostly used in reading of personal horoscope - if you have not done your horoscope yet, you definitely should. Notice that it is always stated in which house are the planets located.

New article: Houses in astrology

Even though the asset of astrological houses for a horoscope is often arguable, every astrologer has to use them, eventually. A few systems of houses have been created during the development of astrology, some of them are still being used. Although these systems have several differences, rather bigger ones, they always agree on the main.

The horoscope is divided by the houses into twelve parts. Each house symbolizes a particular part of people’s lives. The one that is full of planets is more important than the empty one.