Mars in Pisces

Mars: characterizes our strength (physical and mental), also sex life, health and sports

Pisces: This sign of Zodiac is associated with planet Jupiter and Neptune. People born u...

People with Mars in Pisces tend to enter any kind of a situation thoughtlessly, but as soon as they’re in, they’re already thinking of a way out. Your reactions are typical for being impulsive and unpredictable. The energy of this period is very emotional, that’s why you’re more impressed by art than ever.

Your behavior will be rather neutral, during this time, because you’re trying to hide your feelings. In extreme cases, for example, when you encounter injustice or anyone suffering, you might lose your temper, no matter the circumstances. You will be shy when talking about stuff you are not comfortable with, regardless of your age. During this period, the inclination to emotional addiction is common too.