Mars in Libra

Mars: characterizes our strength (physical and mental), also sex life, health and sports

Libra: People born under the sign of Libra are associated with planet Venus which cause...

The emplacement of Mars in Libra affects your spiritual side especially. When you encounter any threat, you don’t hesitate to enter any battle. You can be very polite and generous. If you feel safe, you’re always willing to cooperate. In your intimate life, you are civilized. You don’t long for any roughness or wilderness.

During this time, you can expect being rational and cold. There won’t be any anger, passion or excitement inside you. The only thing that you could be unsettled by is sense of injustice - in this case, you will be willing to fight for the right thing with no hesitation. Your objective and thorough attitude is certainly useful when it comes to career.