Aug 15. 2016

Houses in astrology

Even though the asset of astrological houses for a horoscope is often arguable, every astrologer has to use them, eventually. A few systems of houses have been created during the development of astrology – Placidus, Koch and Regiomontanus or a system of solar houses), some of them are still being used. Although these systems have several differences, rather bigger ones, they always agree on the main. The number of houses is always twelve and the initial (the first) house is always Ascendant – it lies in the east of the horoscope. Hence, the horoscope is divided by the houses into twelve parts. Each house symbolizes a particular part of people’s lives. The one that is full of planets is more important than the empty one.

Houses in astrology

Here is an overview of the houses, one of the most used systems Regiomontanus:

The first house – the initial one, which adopts the sign of their Ascendant. It symbolizes our physical character, differentiates us from other people born on the same day (since they were born in a different time). It influences our identity, the way we act and how others perceive us, but also our appearance.

The second house – symbolizes material values generally. The way we see our personal property and security or welfare. It also affects our spending and how highly we think of ourselves and others. Its influence can be seen in our relationship with nature or making relationships.

The third house – it is a symbol of education and communication. It is connected with our spiritual abilities, thinking and making relationships with others. It affects our attitude to travelling, or journeys in general (for instance travelling for cognition). Thanks to this house, one has a sense of adventure and gets on well with others while being in society.

The fourth house – represents our home or roots. It is simply a place where we feel safe and can act freely. It does not have to symbolize a house or a building necessarily, it may also symbolize a man, with whom we feel these emotions, with whom we feel good. It is related to property or parents as well.

The fifth house – symbolizes an ability of self-expressing and creativity. It represents an impulse to immortalize our existence and leave something behind us. Hobbies, artistic activities and children belong here. It affects self-perceiving and an effort to differentiate from others.

The sixth house – a symbol of work, duties and our health. It influences our relationships with others, especially when it comes to our subordination. It is connected with everyday practical deeds, relationships on workplace. It also affects our attitude to our health and an ability to take care of it.

The seventh house – or so a house of a setting sign, Descendant, symbolizes personal and intimate relationships. It represent individuals who are very close to us and what kind of relationships we are in with them. It is related to our social consciousness and an ability to adjust. Thus, the sign in this house represents an ideal partner, to whom we should be attracted.

The eighth house – symbolizes satisfaction of all our needs. It strongly affects our mentality. Relatives and property (and its creation) are crucial for this house. It is often connected with occultism, magic and fantasy.

The ninth house – a symbol of travelling, education and philosophy of life. Refers to one’s desire to improve all the time. It is an area of long-term goals, plans and future in general. Religion, church and law belong here as well. It may be shown in fondness for adventure and social nature.

The tenth house – a symbol of our career, prestige and reputation. It represents one’s desire to gain a new identity in society and become a regarded authority. It is also related to work, our position in hierarchy and our reputation. It affects national and other far-reaching matters.

The eleventh house – a symbol of friendship, society and ideals. It refers to our ability to integrate but also our desires, goals and hopes. People we meet throughout our lives and who either help us or influence our lives belong to this house as well.

The twelfth house – symbolizes sub consciousness, emotions and secrets. It is an area of troubles and restrictions. Moreover, it affects emotional problems, untruth and difficulties which we have to overcome. It allows us perceive the world in perspective. It distances us from our everyday lives and supports us with fantasy.