Cancer Horoscope 2018

People born under this emotional zodiac sign ruled by the Moon can look forward to a year full of wonderful experiences. The 2018 horoscope predicts, that Cancerians will accomplish great things in terms of career, as well as in their personal lives. However, what is more important, you’ll finally make your dreams come true and fulfill more than just a single expectation. There might be some difficulties too, but the reward waiting for you at the finish will be worth it. Furthermore, the experiences that you’ll get along the way will be priceless.

According to the horoscope, the beginning of 2018 will bring harmony to relationships. Because of the positive influence of Venus, your mind will be open, resulting in getting along and building new connections with people easily. However, if it comes to personal or intimate things, you’ll tend to let your feelings dominate. Rationality will step aside. You’ll be very vulnerable in such moments, so you’d better watch out who you’re opening yourself to.

Mercury which will be in Aries in the spring of 2018 promises career assistance to Cancerians. Thanks to its influence, your mindset will be decisive, thus you’ll have no trouble solving any kind of a problem. Furthermore, when it comes to communication, you’ll be very confident, energetic and persuasive. Now it’s just the right moment to invest your time in work and make the most of it, you don’t even have to fear asking your boss to raise your salary.

According to the horoscope, the summer months will be oriented on relationships again. However, you’ll also experience some adventures. You just have to be with the right people or stop being afraid of going on a trip. You’ll find that you don’t fear the unknown as much as you used to. Furthermore, you’ll gain a lot of experience and self-confidence. For potential partners, Cancerians will be much more attractive.

With the beginning of autumn 2018, there comes another period suitable for the development of Cancerians’ career. Mercury will be entering Capricorn, thus you won’t lack motivation. You might also acquire good self-control which is convenient when dealing with people. However, you should look out for your health during this time, because you’re at risk of minor injuries caused by inattention.

When it comes to your personal life, you will truly appreciate your friends and family. You’ll try your best to keep the relationships harmonic. That’s partly the reason why Cancerians’ long-term relationships will thrive at the end of the year. However, be careful not to develop an addiction towards your dear one - this could make your emotional state fall apart.