Ascendant in Aries

Ascendant: characterizes our starting energy,  view of the world and our opinions

Aries: People born under the flaming sign Aries are distinguished by their internal and...

An individual with ascendant in Aries is characterized by their strong and complete identity. They sure have ambition to become successful. It is easier for a mind like that to take others’ opinions with a grain of salt and not to get frustrated by anybody’s envious comments.

There is this effort to keep up with the world’s pace with all the innovations. However, when you don’t get along well, you tend to feel inferior which can even lead to depression, in extreme cases. Either way, chances are you will be competitive throughout the whole life. You won’t consider the things you gain for free or without any greater effort as valuable as those you fight hard for.

People around you see you as a very energetic and dominant person and when it comes to your idols, these two traits are essential because that’s just the way you want to be.