Aquarius Horoscope 2020

People born in this aerial sign are under the reign of two planets - Saturn and Uranus, which gives them a very flexible, but headstrong, personality. They rarely choose the same direction as the mainstream and they also feel a strong need to help others. This trait particularly is a partial reason why the 2020 horoscope for Aquarius will be full of attempts to take over the problems of other people.

However, that might backfire, especially during the first months of 2020, because in this period, you will be overly caring, under the influence of Jupiter in Capricorn. Not everybody appreciates somebody getting in the way of their life, no matter how good your intentions are. You could destroy relationships with your interventions. That’s why the horoscope suggests to mind your own business and try to strengthen friendships and romantic relationships by enjoying a relaxed time together.

With the spring months, your communication skills will come to the forefront. In terms of career, Aquarius will do well in teamwork where your speaking skills and a unique point of view may prevent a number of issues from happening. You will make use of these strengths when communicating with your partner as well. According to the horoscope, some unresolved past conflicts, which you will have no trouble dealing with, could rise to the surface.

If you’ve thought up until this point, that chaos reigns your life, you will be pleased that summer, respectively the position of Jupiter in Virgo, will give you the needed organization skills to get your life in order. The only thing that could hinder the progress of Aquarius is their oversensitivity. However, a vacation with family or partner, ideally in a previously unknown place, will keep you distracted from your negative emotions.

During autumn and winter, Aquarius will feel the need to evaluate their relationships, especially the romantic ones. Therefore, long conversations about the future won’t be an exception. It will be worthwhile to invest energy to the working area of life as well - there could be an interesting opportunity for career advancement. Also, look out for excessive spending, otherwise you could lose all your financial reserves because of unexpected expenses by the end of 2020.