Aquarius Horoscope 2018

Ruled by Uranus, the horoscope will be positive for Aquarius, especially by the mid-2018. People born under this zodiac sign are often intellectual and excel with their innovative ideas, that’s why they are able to handle the life problems with ease. Anyway, during this year, you can expect success in your career, not only because of your personality. When it comes to relationships, the situation will be stable with no significant twists ahead.

To Aquarians, the beginning of the new year will bring some kind of a slowdown in their ambitions. Instead of your career, you’ll focus mainly on relationships. However, you’ll tend to isolate yourself from others anyway. You’ll feel best on your own.

According to the horoscope, the situation will turn around completely in March. Because of the influence of Mercury in Pisces, Aquarians may expect new positive energy. You’ll communicate excellently and come to conclusions with your other half quickly and easily. Your mind will be able to process a lot of energy. You’ll make the best out of this period, speaking of career, where you might get important business contacts, but also in terms of personal life.

The summer months will be successful. You’ll do great at work, in terms of which you just have to keep up the current pace, as well as in personal life. The horoscope unveils this warm period of 2018 to be enjoyed the most by single Aquarians because there’s a potential partner awaiting. You will feel a strong connection between you and the person you’ll meet. Mutual sympathy will be a matter of course, resulting in a big chance to form a new and strong bound.

The autumn will bring rather serious mood to Aquarians. The first amorousness is probably gone, but that doesn’t mean your feelings are weaker - it’s quite the opposite. You’ve become equivalent and serious partners. This period is also good for long-term relationships which will be stable and harmonic. The situation in career is sort of uninteresting. You’ve already had your chance, so if you’ve wasted it, there’s nothing to do about it.

According to the horoscope, the forthcoming end of 2018 will bring you enormous mental energy, because of the influence of Mercury in Scorpio. You can process vast amounts of information with ease. However, you can’t really take advantage of it at work. You should be focusing on studying and preparing for the future. You never know when your knowledge comes in handy. Think about your health too and don’t underestimate prevention during cold days.