Sagittarius april Horoscope 2018

purposeful, energic and full of desire and effort

This month, every Sagittarius can enjoy a new wave of positive energy. Thanks to the influence of Mercury, your ability to make decisions will be quick and imaginative. Relationship troubles will be solved, so single people can boldly go out, or finally have a talk with their idol. Now it’s just the right time, so don’t be afraid to take the first step.

Sagittarius will probably have to devote April to work. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice more free time to your job at the expense of leisure time, additionally you will enjoy the work in this period. The horoscope reveals that this step appears to be a very good investment in the future. You can go on holiday later.

Hold back. Doing nothing will not ruins anything. Remember that.

If you wanted to get up earlier but you were too tired, don’t be angry with yourself. You just need more sleep.

Sagittarius may >>

Venus in Taurus
Mar 31.06:37 - Apr 24.18:23
Mar 31.
Venus in Gemini
Apr 24.19:23 - May 19.14:54
Apr 24.

This time will seem very intense to you. Your senses will be literally on the alert, so you’ll experience every moment deeply, especially when it comes to relationships and love in general, although, it’s applicable to cultural events like theatre or arts in general. You tend to demand too much from people around you and that feels natural to you, although, it might backfire on you. You’d better decide carefully.

You don’t stay at just one place these days. Travelling, new adventures, social life and flirting attract you. In extreme cases, others might find your behavior narrow-minded. In matters of love, having only one partner won’t satisfy you. When in a long-term relationship, your partner should provide you with plenty of interesting ideas to make you happy.

Mercury in Aries
Mar 6.08:23 - May 13.14:27
Mar 6.

In this period, your thinking will be decisive and objective, which will be a great advantage for solving any kind of problems. It will be easy for you to come up with original ideas, rather spontaneously. However, you might have some problems with concentration. Referring to communication, you will be very self-confident, energetic and convincing.

Mars in Capricorn
Mar 17.17:32 - May 16.06:54
Mar 17.

The energy of this emplacement is ideal for career matters. The desire for material satisfaction and an acknowledged status is important to you and motivates you. Your self-control and management skills are on a high level too. When it comes to relaxation, you prefer resting while doing yoga or breath exercises to spending time in a group.