Sagittarius may Horoscope 2020

purposeful, energic and full of desire and effort

In May, Sagittariuses under the influence of Jupiter will have exaggerated expectations of life. You will probably expect maximum attention and care from your partner, but you may be disappointed. Your partner trusts you and knows that there is no need to worry about you, because you can handle everything yourself.
This month is also the perfect time to think about your bad habits and start fighting them. Although it may seem unachievable at first, it will sure make you your better-self and you will move forward.

With the influence of the Sun, in this period, you will feel very optimistic. There will be a positive energy around you, and you will also feel tenacious and even greedy. Sagittarius is going strongly for their goal, and it seems like there’s nothing that could stop them. For the people born under this fire sign, May will be one of the most productive months. People close to you will notice that quickly and might even take you as an example. That will be flattering to you, however, try avoiding arrogant behaviour. It could scare off even the most loyal companions.

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The Sun in Taurus
Apr 19.16:31 - May 20.15:33
Apr 19.
The Sun in Gemini
May 20.16:33 - Jun 20.23:27
May 20.

This period might be very advantageous for you. You will be relentless and stable when it will come to your opinions. Hence, you act as a natural authority and you are respected. You might feel a need to gather your money as they will be relevant for you. Bearing this in mind, you may be able to work harder than you usually do. However you could look greedy and mean to others in extreme situations.

You will not be given tranquility in this period. A desire for new information will drive you forward. You might look sociable, intellectual or even socialistic in society. New knowledge and abilities will help you in self-realization; therefore you do not have to be afraid to be keen on education, even to the detriment of relationships.

Venus in Gemini
Apr 3.19:00 - Aug 7.17:07
Apr 3.

You don’t stay at just one place these days. Travelling, new adventures, social life and flirting attract you. In extreme cases, others might find your behavior narrow-minded. In matters of love, having only one partner won’t satisfy you. When in a long-term relationship, your partner should provide you with plenty of interesting ideas to make you happy.

Mercury in Taurus
Apr 27.21:39 - May 11.23:43
Apr 27.
Mercury in Gemini
May 12.00:43 - May 28.19:54
May 12.
Mercury in Cancer
May 28.20:54 - Aug 5.05:20
May 28.

In this period, we often tend to behave rationally and try to stay calm. It seems like emotions do not concern us, being affected by Mercury. Our communication is rather slow and prudent, but on the other hand, it is very comprehensible. On top of that, you will be able to finish anything successfully thanks to your patience and endurance. Therefore, nothing stops your development.

In this period, you will be verbally competent, thus you will be a great speaker. You will neither lack vocabulary, nor self-confidence. In addition to that, thanks to your not urging attitude you will be able to attract many people’s attention and you will be able to influence them. Your interests will be various. You will be keen on everything that will widen you horizons and satisfy your desire for education.

Your judgement may be influenced by your emotions these days. Both automatically or subconsciously. Being too sensitive may be a disadvantage. Try to focus on facts. The advantage will be that you will be very empathic, as a companion, partner or listener. Since people in your company will feel good.

Mars in Aquarius
Mar 30.21:22 - May 13.05:59
Mar 30.
Mars in Pisces
May 13.06:59 - Jun 28.03:31
May 13.

During this time, you will appreciate your friends, family and loyal people a lot. Therefore, you’ll see no problem in fighting for them. Your moral values are much higher these days. That’s why you may get upset when encountering disrespect or injustice. You have innovative opinions and are characterized by good organizational skills.

Your behavior will be rather neutral, during this time, because you’re trying to hide your feelings. In extreme cases, for example, when you encounter injustice or anyone suffering, you might lose your temper, no matter the circumstances. You will be shy when talking about stuff you are not comfortable with, regardless of your age. During this period, the inclination to emotional addiction is common too.