Virgo - Capricorn | Relationship horoscope

The combination of Virgo and Capricorn forms a perfect couple. They are earth signs that love diligence and reliability. Both are very intelligent, they can lead meaningful discussions for hours and hours, which definitely don't bore them. They like perfection, but beware, nothing is always perfect, therefore, sometimes they should lower their ideals.

They're being pessimistic, Virgo feels that what she does not do by herself, she does not get. Capricorn is too conservative. Their relationship can be a long and harmonious, but it requires plenty of patience and a change of attitude to life.

elements:   Virgo=earth   X   Capricorn=earth

These two elements have great support in each other. They both respect the same orders and rules and their coexistence simply works. They have great time together and they look as an ideal couple. They go through life slowly, but securely. A disadvantage might be a lack of adventure, passion and emotions. Such relationship may therefore cool easily.


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