Taurus - Taurus | Relationship horoscope

If Taurus wants to have long-lasting relation ship with other Taurus, he has to pamper him. They won't have any problem with understanding each other. They were born under the same sign of Zodiac so they have the same interests, opinions and attitudes. They like to spend your life in luxury, surrounded by beautiful and expensive things. It's possible that you will own few design pieces in your common apartment or house.

There might be some crisis in your relation-ship because you always solve the problems impulsively. But you will calm down quickly. Common life is waiting for you!

elements:   Taurus=earth   X   Taurus=earth

These two elements have great support in each other. They both respect the same orders and rules and their coexistence simply works. They have great time together and they look as an ideal couple. They go through life slowly, but securely. A disadvantage might be a lack of adventure, passion and emotions. Such relationship may therefore cool easily.


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