Taurus - Gemini | Relationship horoscope

This association isn't an ideal couple, but with a little bit of effort and patience you could get closer to each other. You have the same sense of humour and you like company. Taurus is practical person, everything in his life has some order. To the contrary to Gemini who is freethinker, he waits what life brings him and then he decides according to it.

Their common life is full of extremes. Taurus has sense of reality that's why Gemini's carefreeness can sometimes drive him crazy. However, they could learn something new from each other.

elements:   Taurus=earth   X   Gemini=air

This combination usually works very well, under common circumstances. The element of earth brings stability and seriousness and the air offers freshness, wind and fun. Their coexistence is perfect if the air element does not feel restricted. Hence, the earth usually has to be benevolent and not resort to make rash decisions.


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