Taurus - Capricorn | Relationship horoscope

You think that these two signs meet by chance? Not at all! None of them believes in coincidence. They follow the motto: You don't have what you won't do by yourself. These signs of Zodiac are very practical and hardworking. As they are signs of Earth, they love their family and order.

They can furnish a flat in very nice way. They create stable, but very conservative couple together. Sometimes, it can be boring, but if you do from time to time something unexpected and you will destroy the stereotype, you could avert the troubles. You have the same interests and plans. Promising future is waiting for you!

elements:   Taurus=earth   X   Capricorn=earth

These two elements have great support in each other. They both respect the same orders and rules and their coexistence simply works. They have great time together and they look as an ideal couple. They go through life slowly, but securely. A disadvantage might be a lack of adventure, passion and emotions. Such relationship may therefore cool easily.


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