Scorpio - Pisces | Relationship horoscope

Fabulous combination of two water signs is Scorpio and Pisces. They wonderfully complement each other and form a great couple. Pisces is indecisive sometimes, but if she has Scorpio next to her, she does not need to worry. Scorpio is always supportive and helps Pisces to fulfill her dreams and desires.

It's amazing how these two signs are interconnected both intellectually or in relationship matters. Both are very affectionate and form an inseparable couple. They love children and are able to form a beautiful and happy family. Their relationship is very deep, intimate and firm.

elements:   Scorpio=water   X   Pisces=water

This combination might be perfect or very bad, nothing in-between. As water represents emotions, so if the partners are similar, no obstacle is on their way. They are very strong together and their relationship may last long. However, their relationship is predestined to fall if they do not regard each other and drown.


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