Scorpio - Capricorn | Relationship horoscope

Conservative Capricorn keeps distance from passionate Scorpio and it takes him a long time before starts trusting Scorpio. They both have the same view of the world; both are very reasonable and mostly share their attitudes. Both Scorpio and Capricorn seek permanent and solid relationships, if these two signs meet, they can rely on each other.

There is definitely a sexual attraction, but Capricorn resists at the beginning before he gets completely absorbed by Scorpio. Capricorn understands the needs of sensual Scorpio, so he tries not to restrict him too much. However, be careful not to be too generous with the freedom...

elements:   Scorpio=water   X   Capricorn=earth

Both these elements are very strong and fertile; hence, it is logical that this connection usually means balanced and fertile relationship. Water supports the earth with moisture and, contrarily, the earth gives it the direction (it shows it the way, just like a river). If they pull together, they can overcome any obstacle. It is also a creative and stable combination.


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