Sagittarius - Pisces | Relationship horoscope

Social Sagittarius is welcomed everywhere, affect other signs like a magnet. Pisces sees him as her protector and savior. Both like to think about their future, but each pictures it in a different way. Sagittarius loves to travel; Pisces likes the comfort of her home. This is probably the biggest obstacle for them.

Sagittarius has quite high expectations of a partner, so it is up to Pisces to make him believe he does not need to look any further. Pisces should also let go to her devotion, Sagittarius does not request it that much, it rather discourages him.

elements:   Sagittarius=fire   X   Pisces=water

This is quite a strange combination of opposites. However, it does not have to be bad. If these people find the right way, they will complement each other and deal with every single situation easily. In any case, the fire may feel restricted by the sensitive water, at least from the beginning. In addition to that, water might not manage to douse the wild flames of fire.


Relationship horoscope