Libra - Libra | Relationship horoscope

Two calm signs met. They know each other inside out, nothing can surprise them. They hold the mirror up to one another. Both Libras are the same, seeing their own faults and strengths. The biggest problem is that they are lazy and convenient together. Therefore, it is sometimes a problem to force them to get engaged some activity. They should think about themselves and spend time together with a bit more flexibility, not just lying in a bed or on a couch at home and dream. They both hate quarrelling and they love when someone gives them love and affection.

elements:   Libra=air   X   Libra=air

These elements are both hectic. They are both able to talk about nothing for hours. On one hand, they enjoy it, especially if the topic of their conversation is love. On the other hand, it may be very exhausting. Eventually, they might realize that they feel better apart, than together. However, if they overcome the obstacles, they are a strong couple.


Relationship horoscope