Leo - Virgo | Relationship horoscope

For a modest Virgo it is a bit hard to understand Leo who loves luxury. Virgo is diligent, but sometimes needs support in order to reach better performance. Leo can therefore raise confidence of Virgo by his enthusiasm. The link is better when a woman is Leo and a man is Virgo. A woman Leo loves admiration of her partner in Virgo. She is tolerant to his mistakes and can easily overlook them.

The task of Virgo is to create a peaceful background for Leo, and Leo provides protection and peace of mind to Virgo. When they both try, they could form a balanced relationship.

elements:   Leo=fire   X   Virgo=earth

This connection may be regarded as a very stable one, presuming that both partners are interested in its keeping. The element of earth can manage the wild element of fire and, reversely, fire brings passion and adventure into the life of earth, which is usually rather calm or even boring. Such relationship promotes creativity, so routine has no chance.


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