Leo - Scorpio | Relationship horoscope

The fire encountered the water. This connection is obviously not right and nor are the signs. Leo is strong physically, but Scorpio mentally. Scorpio usually comes out as the winner because he can manipulate Leo perfectly. However, Leo does not like it and tries to defend himself. Leo acts as if he was much superior and that drives Scorpio crazy.

As is often so, this connection is initially a strong and passionate sexual relationship. But the constant quarrels and disputes destroy it completely. The only way to reach at least partially balanced relationship is to respect each other and give space to one another. However, this constant trying is so exhausting....

elements:   Leo=fire   X   Scorpio=water

This is quite a strange combination of opposites. However, it does not have to be bad. If these people find the right way, they will complement each other and deal with every single situation easily. In any case, the fire may feel restricted by the sensitive water, at least from the beginning. In addition to that, water might not manage to douse the wild flames of fire.


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