Leo - Sagittarius | Relationship horoscope

These two immediately spot each other among people, they are really easily noticeable, though each in a different way. They are really attracted to each other, just like two magnets. They both love free life, entertainment and travelling. This relationship will work out only if they respect each other and to some extent tolerate the freedom of each other. If you set limits, you can be kings of the evening together.

These signs are very warm; they can confess a deep love. They are dominant signs, but in sex Sagittarius is more likely to be submissive to Leo. This may lead to short-term or long-term relationships; it depends on whether you are able to lay out boundaries.

elements:   Leo=fire   X   Sagittarius=fire

This combination is probably the most dangerous of all. Both individuals are stubborn and hot-tempered. If people like these meet, it may bring wild arguments, but also a declaration of one’s love. The situation might change in a minute. Although you sometimes do not know your position in such a relationship, you will never get bored. 


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