Leo - Pisces | Relationship horoscope

The combination of Pisces and Leo is not what would call ideal. Leo is too ambitious and self-centered for Pisces. He can really hurt sensitive Pisces by his words. He is dominant and requires constant attention, which is given to him by Pisces. Pisces is totally devoted to Leo and wants to fulfill his every wish. Leo is flattered at first and enjoys the admiration and affection, but after some time, the activity rather bothers him.

Sex could work better if Pisces took a bit of initiative and did not only let Leo pamper her and stop waiting what Leo invents.

elements:   Leo=fire   X   Pisces=water

This is quite a strange combination of opposites. However, it does not have to be bad. If these people find the right way, they will complement each other and deal with every single situation easily. In any case, the fire may feel restricted by the sensitive water, at least from the beginning. In addition to that, water might not manage to douse the wild flames of fire.


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