Gemini - Gemini | Relationship horoscope

This connection is full of optimism and energy. Again, we encounter both partners in the same sign. These two are incredibly close to each other. They can laugh together for hours, tell interesting stories to each other or do different activities that make their adrenalin level in their bodies rises. They are always restless and have no time to get bored together.

They tend to be moody and that can also be the cause of their arguments. Irony is not a stranger to them and they like to play around with it, but be careful that it does not get too far and you are not misundestood by your partner.

elements:   Gemini=air   X   Gemini=air

These elements are both hectic. They are both able to talk about nothing for hours. On one hand, they enjoy it, especially if the topic of their conversation is love. On the other hand, it may be very exhausting. Eventually, they might realize that they feel better apart, than together. However, if they overcome the obstacles, they are a strong couple.


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