Capricorn - Pisces | Relationship horoscope

Strong Capricorn is a great match for gentle and loving Pisces. Pisces finds in Capricorn support she needs, Capricorn needs enough love and domestic facilities, which Pisces can provide. Their relationship could work as a long-term, if Capricorn bottles up his superiority and Pisces can suppress her sensitivity.

As far as household is concerned, Capricorn will take care of the material side of family needs and Pisces creates a loving environment where everyone will be treated with care. Their partnership is strong and confidential.

elements:   Capricorn=earth   X   Pisces=water

Both these elements are very strong and fertile; hence, it is logical that this connection usually means balanced and fertile relationship. Water supports the earth with moisture and, contrarily, the earth gives it the direction (it shows it the way, just like a river). If they pull together, they can overcome any obstacle. It is also a creative and stable combination.


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