Capricorn - Aquarius | Relationship horoscope

Their relationship is based primarily on the intellectual base. They are very clever signs that have a broad overview. They can talk to each other and share interesting information. But otherwise, they are completely different. Aquarius has always his head in the clouds, Capricorn is down-to-earth, perceives reality.
Both have the opposite view of the world, Capricorn is very conservative, Aquarius rather liberal. He likes activity, and therefore sometimes sees Capricorn as lazy. Their relationship can work, but if they have to agree and make compromises.

elements:   Capricorn=earth   X   Aquarius=air

This combination usually works very well, under common circumstances. The element of earth brings stability and seriousness and the air offers freshness, wind and fun. Their coexistence is perfect if the air element does not feel restricted. Hence, the earth usually has to be benevolent and not resort to make rash decisions.


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